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Gestalt Language Processor using speech therapy materials with gestalts

Gestalt Goodness
First Phrases

11 of the most powerful communication functions with 87 phrases + voice output!

Crafted by an experienced Speech Therapist who specializes in early language development and natural communication.

First Phrases100 cards + Audio Output $85 (shipping included). 

Production has started for a restock! Pre-order your set now for delivery in July! 

If you had a new way to improve a child's communication and connection with the world, would you use it

There is so much information, training, and knowledge about supporting language development for ALL children, including Gestalt Language Processors and AAC users, but there are not many NO-PREP TOOLS THAT ARE QUICK TO GRAB, EASY TO USE, AND FIT THE UNIQUE NEEDS OF YOUR CHILD OR CLIENTS...until now!  

First Phrases speech therapy cards from Gestalt Goodness

Introducing The Gestalt Goodness™ First Phrases

87 carefully selected phrases...

THIS TRANSFORMATIVE DECK OF CARDS includes a "How To" card with 87 phrases designed to support ALL language learners!

87 cards with 11 essential communication functions:


And they're customizable!

DECK INCLUDES 12 BLANK DRY-ERASE CARDS + PEN ~ that allow for endless possibilities to customize phrases that are meaningful to you, your child, and the environment.

First Phrases speech therapy cards from Gestalt Goodness
First Phrases speech therapy cards from Gestalt Goodness
First Phrases speech therapy cards from Gestalt Goodness
And each card combines 4 powerful elements:

1. WRITTEN PHRASES ~ selected for their relevance and power to enhance communication.


2. "KID LANGUAGE" ~ grammar isn’t the goal when children are learning communication…connection and empowerment are! That is why the phrases are written in a way kids speak.


3. VIBRANT IMAGES ~ fun and playful visuals that connect with children.


4. VOICE RECORDINGS ~ via unique QR codes on every card with the voices of children. This multimodal approach ensures a rich, engaging language experience that connects with them on multiple levels.

First Phrases Cards100 Cards + Audio Output $85 (Shipping Included)

So consider this 100 card deck your:

Go-to no-prep language therapy support

Research-based & neurodiversity-affirming kit

Multimodal support for all language learners

Embedding opportunities to enhance literacy skills

A new way to support Gestalt Language Processors

Exclusive self-paced webinars

Quarterly virtual office hours with Farwa

1 “How to Use“ card87 phrases with QR-enabled voice output 12 blank dry-erase cards 1 pen that allows for endless possibilities to customize phrases sturdy storage box   cards are 3x5

Exciting news! Our initial inventory of the "First Phrases" is sold out, but don't worry—production has started for a restock! Pre-order your set today for delivery in June!

First Phrases100 cards + Audio Output $85 (shipping included)

How to Use Your Gestalt GoodnessFirst Phrases

Step One
Grab your no-prep First Phrases Deck

Whether you are working with a child with general language delays, one who uses AAC, or a Gestalt Language Processor, these cards are your new GO-TO!

Step Two
Select some high-impact phrases

With 11 communication functions and 87 phrases, PLUS CUSTOMIZABLE CARDS, place the cards throughout your room to support natural communication in all activities.

Step Three
Scan the QR code for audio output

Audio output for each phrase using real kids' voices and grammar builds instant connection and a natural model.

The cards are open ended so the possibilities are endless.


Exciting news! Our initial inventory of the "First Phrases" is sold out, but don't worry—production has started for a restock! Pre-order your set today for delivery in July! 

First Phrases Cards: 100 Cards + Audio Output $85 (Shipping Included)

5 stars.png
"They are amazing! Every clinic should have at least one set, even if just a PT or OT clinic."
~ Jennifer, Pediatric Occupational Therapist

The Company Behind the Cards

Gestalt Goodness ™ is a therapist-owned, neurodiversity-affirming company that embraces every child’s unique language learning style. Your child is not broken, and here at Gestalt Goodness™, we utilize the latest evidence-based practices to empower parents and clinicians to support their children.

Farwa Husain, M.S., CCC-SLP, speech therapist and owner of Gestalt Goodness
The  "Whole Lotta Goodness" Initiative

This is for the incredible therapists and teachers that are working to change the lives of children through neurodiversity-affirming practices!


We at Gestalt Goodness are passionate about building an empowered community and want to support you in providing effective evidence-based services to your students. We also know that there are many settings that do not have all the resources but are filled with wonderful therapists, teachers, and staff that go above and beyond to provide for their students!


We want to highlight YOU! Tell us your story and how you are making magic with the resources that you have. 


We will choose a clinician each month, highlight you on our social platforms, and send you a FREE First Phrases box! It is our way to support you and to say thank you. You are doing an amazing job! 

5 stars.png
"I am blown away with every single detail...the soft colors, sweet voices, gentle illustrations, and powerful phrases."
I just received my First Phrases set today, and I wanted to reach out right away to let you know how much I LOVE this product you have created! I am blown away with every single detail...the soft colors, sweet voices, gentle illustrations, and powerful phrases for a wide range of communicative functions. I am a speech-language pathologist working in the schools for the last 17 years. I purchased these to help me support the students and families that I service in both the school and private setting, in addition to wanting to share them with my sister who is currently going through an autism evaluation process for her son. My 2 year old nephew is a Gestalt Language Processor and hyperlexic, and these cards seem created just for him!
~ Carolyn, Speech-Language Pathologist

Try a Sample!

Grab 3 Free Cards!

Here is a sneak peek at the First Phrases cards with a select card from the "Empowerment," "Request," and "Protest" communication functions.

Gestalt Goodness First Phrases cards freebie
  • How are these different than flashcards?
    These cards are not meant to be used as traditional flashcards and should never be used to drill phrases. We are here to provide a bridge to traditional thoughts and teaching methods and give parents and clinicians tangible action items that they can embrace to guide them in neurodiversity-affirming ways. Every parent and clinician want to feel like they are doing their best and many times will abandon child led play-based methods because they feel like they aren't doing it right or enough. These cards give adults a place to start.
  • Can parents use these?
    Yes! They are designed for clinicians and parents alike.
  • Is there a way to customize the phrases?
    We want to customize the child's language to their environment, so we've included 12 blank cards as well as a dry erase pen so you can write your own phrases.
  • What's included in the box?
    Magnetic box holding 100 cards Size: 3x5 1 Instruction card 87 phrase cards with QR codes with voice output 12 blank dry erase cards to customize language 1 dry erase marker
  • What ages are these intended for?
    They've been designed for children ages 0-5 but can be used with any age if the child is developing early language skills.
  • What is your return policy?
    We offer refunds for unopened and unused products returned within 30 days. If you have used the product and are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact us at for support returning your product.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Not at this time.
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